GMVM Oklahoma City

General Motors Vehicle Manufacturing

7447 SE 74th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73135, USA
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General Information

General Motors - Cisco 18014
Latitude / Longitude
Latitude = 35.389122
Longitude = -97.398531

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General Motors - Current Stock Price
Ticker Symbol - GM
CURRENT = 31.75 +0.60 +1.93%
OPEN = 31.64 HIGH = 31.75 LOW = 31.17

Latest Financial News

Redevelopment company agrees to buy ex-GM sites
Detroit Free Press - 6 hours ago
PONTIAC, Mich. - Former General Motors facilities in Oakland County are being sold to a company that plans to renovate them for manufacturing and office use.

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Chrysler changes name to FCA US

Thu, 18 Dec 2014 09:33:00 -0800
New York – US automaker Chrysler unveiled Tuesday its new name, FCA US LLC, reflecting its subsidiary status to newly renamed Italian parent Fiat Italy SpA.Until now, the company, the smallest of the ''Big Three'' US automakers including General Motors and Ford Motor, was known as the Chrysler Group.The company was gradually acquired by Turin-based Fiat after emerging in June, 2009 from a US ...

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