MFD Mansfield

Metal Fabrication Division

2525 W. 4th St.
Mansfield, OH 44906, USA
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General Information

General Motors - Cisco 18096
Latitude / Longitude
Latitude = 40.774994
Longitude = -82.606203

Financial Information

General Motors - Current Stock Price
Ticker Symbol - GM
CURRENT = 32.06 -0.10 -0.31%
OPEN = 32.19 HIGH = 32.36 LOW = 31.96

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Other Information

Current Status
Production Ceased
Metal Stampings and Assemblies for GM SUV’s, Trucks, Crossovers, Large and mid-size cars
Plant Size
2 Million sq. ft.
Year Opened
Recent Major Investments
2001 - 2 "B" Size Transfer Presses 2005 - 1 "AA" Size Transfer Press