SPO Philadelphi

Service Part Operation

200 Cabot Blvd. East
Langhorne, PA 19047-1900, USA
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General Motors - Service Part Operation
Latitude / Longitude
Latitude = 40.1901538
Longitude = -74.8659433

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General Motors - Current Stock Price
Ticker Symbol - GM
CURRENT = 33.91 +0.16 +0.47%
OPEN = 34.06 HIGH = 34.15 LOW = 33.63

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Venezuela seizes GM plant as crisis escalates
USA TODAY - Apr 20, 2017
Venezuela's seizure of a General Motors factory marks a step in the country's economic crisis that boosts risks to the remaining operations of other U.S.
General Motors says Venezuela illegally seizes auto plant - CNBC
GM isn't the only company in crisis in Venezuela - CNNMoney

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