SPO Philadelphi

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200 Cabot Blvd. East
Langhorne, PA 19047-1900, USA
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General Motors - Service Part Operation
Latitude / Longitude
Latitude = 40.1901538
Longitude = -74.8659433

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General Motors - Current Stock Price
Ticker Symbol - GM
CURRENT = 30.24 +0.30 +1.00%
OPEN = 30.38 HIGH = 30.97 LOW = 30.165

Latest Financial News

GM says general counsel Michael Millikin to retire
The Detroit News - Oct 17, 2014
He holds a key position in GM's executive team as the company continues to face legal challenges and investigations in wake of its ignition switch recall crisis this year.
GM's embattled chief lawyer to retire - Detroit Free Press
GM And Its General Counsel To Part Ways - Bidness ETC

Latest Company News

Get ready for another blast of stock volatility

Mon, 20 Oct 2014 02:53:41 -0700
After the most turbulent market week in years, some strategists are ready to call the all clear. But others say stocks could test the lows of the past week.

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