SPO Hudson

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2200 Willis Miller Dr.
Hudson, WI 54016, USA
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General Motors - Cisco 17004
Latitude / Longitude
Latitude = 44.945527
Longitude = -92.701723

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General Motors - Current Stock Price
Ticker Symbol - GM
CURRENT = 33.63 +0.36 +1.08%
OPEN = 33.16 HIGH = 33.8 LOW = 33.15

Latest Financial News

General Motors compensation fund off to slow start
Washington Post - 5 hours ago
GM's handling of the ignition-switch defect has sparked a series of investigations, including inquiries by both chambers of Congress and an ongoing inquiry by federal prosecutors in New York.
Kenneth Feinberg's Compensation Fund Links 19 Deaths to Faulty General ... - U.S. News & World Report
General Motors Company (GM) to Award Far More Claims for Fatalities than ... - Insider Monkey (blog)

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What Bad Managers, Good Managers and Great Managers Do

Mon, 15 Sep 2014 11:15:00 -0700
Our employees deserve great leaders who can work together to help everybody succeed and do what's best for their customers.

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