Honda Transmission Mfg. - Russells Point

6964 State Route 235 N
Russells Point, OH 43348, USA
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Honda Motor Co., Inc. - Honda Transmission Mfg. - Russells Point
Latitude / Longitude
Latitude = 40.4484
Longitude = -83.9013

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Began Production
July 1996
Plant Size
733,000 sq. ft.
Annual Capacity
800,000 automatic transmissions, 328,000 gear sets, 150,000 4WD rear differentials, 300,000 4WD transfer cases
$400 Million

located in Russells Point, Ohio, began producing automatic transmissions in 1997. It produces approximately 800,000 automatic transmissions annually for use in Honda's assembly plants in Ohio and Canada.

Two recent expansions at this plant in Russells Point house the additional manufacturing of primary transmission gears and four-wheel drive components, enhancing the capabilities of this technologically advanced facility.

The plant opened in 1996 focused solely on the production of automatic transmissions for North American-built models, which require high-level precision manufacturing technologies. Prior to the establishment of the Russells Point facility, the Anna Engine Plant produced automatic transmissions for U.S.-built vehicles (since 1989). The plant expanded its capability to produce high precision gears in 2006, and in 2007 added production of rear differentials and transfer cases for Honda and Acura all-wheel-drive automobiles.