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By an American autoworker. For an American autoworker. This website is intended for you to get information, directions, or see the latest comments about your facility or union. Don't see your location? Submit a location, and we will add it to our database.

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Help us build the most comprehensive database of automotive facilities and unions. is a collection of automotive facility and union locations. We have created a database with hundreds of locations, but we still need your help. With your help we can build the MOST comprehensive database of automotive facilities and union locations on the internet. We also have driving directions to and from any facility or union hall. There is also links to local and industry news. was started by a General Motors employee who could not get the information he needed about his location or any other General Motors location. This website was started to help his fellow General Motors coworkers find information about different facilities they wanted to transfer to. Now this website has expanded to include many other automotive and union locations. If your site is not included in our database, please submit a location to have your information included.

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