Honda of South Carolina Mfg., Inc.

1111 Honda Way
Timmonsville, SC 29161, USA
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Honda Motor Co., Inc. - Honda of South Carolina Mfg., Inc.
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Honda of South Carolina manufactures all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and Personal Watercarft (PWC). Located in Timmonsville, South Carolina, Honda of South Carolina is one of Honda's 12 major factories in North America. The Timmonsville facility is the result of Honda's commitment to build products close to its customers. Today, Honda of South Carolina is Florence County's largest employer in the Industrial/Manufacturing category and one of the largest employers in the Pee Dee region.

Honda of South Carolina is committed to the concept of being involved in the communities where our associates live and work as an enduring, reliable and dedicated partner. Honda supports many organizations and activities that promote education & youth involvement, health & human services, arts & culture diversity, economic growth, and environmental preservation.