Kokomo Casting Plant

1001 East Boulevard
Kokomo, IN 46902, USA
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General Information

Chrysler - Location Code 5111
Latitude / Longitude
Latitude = 40.4623938
Longitude = -86.1192517

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Other Information

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Floor Space
625,000 Sq. Ft.
35 Acres
Aluminum parts for automotive components, transmission and transaxle cases
737 (640 hourly; 97 salaried)
Plant History
Worlds largest die cast facility. The plant was completed and began production in 1965 with expansions in 1969, 1986, 1995 and 1997. Chrysler Group announced in May 2010 that it would invest $43 million to adapt the plant for production of the World Engine and improve processes for the 62TE transmission program. Then in June, the company announced it would invest $300 million for production of a new, highly fuel-efficient eight-speed automatic transmission for use in future Chrysler Group vehicles.