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Washington-area obituaries of note

Sat, 20 Sep 2014 12:35:59 -0700

Obituaries of residents from the District, Maryland and Northern Virginia.

New NASA Mission Hoping To Find Out What Turned Mars Into The Red Planet

Fri, 19 Sep 2014 14:05:00 -0700

This Sunday may mark the end of summer, but it's the start of a new Mars mission. A NASA spacecraft will lock into orbit on Sept. 21.

DC man pleads guilty in 9-year-old's sex abuse

Fri, 19 Sep 2014 10:24:08 -0700

GREENBELT, Md. (AP) — A District of Columbia man has pleaded guilty to transporting a minor to engage in sex. Fifty-three-year-old Kevin Robinson pleaded guilty Friday in federal court in Maryland.

Man Pleads Guilty In Md. Court For Sexually Abusing 9-Year-Old Girl

Fri, 19 Sep 2014 08:18:15 -0700

A District of Columbia man has pleaded guilty to transporting a minor to engage in sex.

MAVEN space probe to reach Mars this weekend

Thu, 18 Sep 2014 07:38:19 -0700

Brooks Hays GREENBELT, Md., Sept. 18 (UPI) -- After a 10-month, 442-million-mile-long interplanetary journey, MAVEN, one of NASA's newest space probes, is set to orbit Mars.

NASA says they found smallest known galaxy with a black hole

Wed, 17 Sep 2014 21:08:16 -0700

Heather Records GREENBELT, Md., Sept. 17 (UPI) -- NASA said the Hubble Space Telescope has helped them find a monster black hole.

Public Invited to NASA Goddard Nimbus Satellite Program 50th Anniversary

Wed, 17 Sep 2014 14:14:24 -0700

GREENBELT, Md., Sept. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, will mark 50 years since the launch of the first Nimbus satellite with a free public event at its visitor center on Oct. 8, from noon to 5 p.m. EDT. Anyone wishing to...

Hubble Helps Find Smallest Known Galaxy with a Supermassive Black Hole

Wed, 17 Sep 2014 11:18:19 -0700

Astronomers using data from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and ground observation have found an unlikely object in an improbable place -- a monster black hole lurking inside one of the tiniest galaxies ever known. The black hole is five times the mass of the one at the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

NASA Space Technology Research Development Demonstration and Infusion 2015

Tue, 16 Sep 2014 08:24:55 -0700

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Headquarters, Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) will be releasing an umbrella NASA Research Announcement (NRA) titled "Space Technology Research, Development, Demonstration, and Infusion-2015 (SpaceTech-REDDI-2015)"

ANDREW BONE: Tide to welcome more than 100 athletes at Florida game

Mon, 15 Sep 2014 22:49:04 -0700

The University of Alabama has put together a great offensive line class and hope to finish strong on signing day in February. Alabama made an offer to a commitment to another SEC school, who was on campus this past weekend, and the big stars will arrive for the game against Florida.