OPEIU Local 4873

2222 Bull St. Suite 200
Savannah, GA 31401, USA
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Office & Professional Employees International Union - Local 4873
Latitude / Longitude
Latitude = 32.0556805
Longitude = -81.1007025

Latest Union News

Life Art: From the street to the canvas

Sat, 28 Feb 2015 18:57:51 -0800
By Molly Trotter/KTVL.COM MEDFORD, Ore. -- Most people use their words to tell a story- Kevin Ammerman uses spray paint. "I wanted to get known and get my name know out there and I had no way else to offer but my art and thought that was the only way to get my name out," Ammerman said. ...

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Main Contact
912-232-6181 x106

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