Lear Corp. Duncan SC


1825 East Main Street
Duncan, SC 29334-9215, USA
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Lear Corporation - Seating
Latitude / Longitude
Latitude = 34.896188
Longitude = -82.085161

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Lear Corporation - Current Stock Price
Ticker Symbol - LEA
CURRENT = 86.64 +0.23 +0.27%
OPEN = 86.33 HIGH = 87.75 LOW = 86.14

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Money Making Level Is Near For Lear Corporation (NYSE:LEA)
Inthemoneystocks.com (blog) - 10 hours ago
Shares of auto parts maker Lear Corporation (NYSE:LEA) have basically been in a free fall. The equity made a high of $103.74 on September 8 and has since plummeted by nearly 20%.
Stocks Buzz - Lear Corporation (NYSE:LEA), Big Lots, Inc. (NYSE:BIG), EP ... - Techsonian (press release)

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