Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Mississippi, Inc.

1200 Magnolia Dr.
Blue Springs, MS 38828, USA
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Toyota Motor Corporation - Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Mississippi, Inc.
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Latitude = 34.491706
Longitude = -89.040027

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CURRENT = 123.13 +1.43 +1.18%
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Toyota Motor Corp (ADR) (TM) Ready For Another Round Of Recalls With ...
StockWise Daily - 23 hours ago
Toyota Motor Corp (ADR) (NYSE:TM), one of the largest automakers of the world, is ready to recall as many as 57,000 vehicles for potential safety concerns with the air bags.

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Toyota (TM) Recalls Vehicles due to Different Safety Issues

Fri, 28 Nov 2014 07:50:02 -0800
Toyota Motor Corporation (TM) announced the recall of 40,000 additional vehicles in Japan due to defective Takata Corp. air bags

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Projected Employment
Approx. 2000
Toyota’s 10th U.S. plant, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Mississippi, Inc., located in Blue Springs, is under construction and will build the Corolla starting in the Fall of 2011. A projected total of 2,000 new jobs will be created.