Ford Walton Hills Stamping

Stamping Plant

7845 Northfield Rd. #21
Cleveland, OH 44146-5577, USA
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Ford - Stamping Plant
Latitude / Longitude
Latitude = 41.3536027
Longitude = -81.5266655

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Ticker Symbol - F
CURRENT = 17.17 -0.23 -1.32%
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Is this the modern day Beetle?

Fri, 22 Aug 2014 19:38:00 -0700
VW has dropped the price on the base model bug but is that enough to amplify the appeal to a point where it puts the new car within striking distance of the original? The original Volkswagen Type 1, better known as the Beetle, is part of a small group of vehicles, which includes the Ford Model T, that changed the way we looked at modern transportation. The Type 1, was the brainchild of the ...

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This company is not affiliated with another location
Body side panels, deck lids, doors, fenders, floor pans
Year Opened
Legal Entity
Plant Size
2,100,000 sq. ft.
Site Size
111 Acres