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Astronomers Spot 'Most Earth-Like Planet Yet'

Fri, 18 Apr 2014 12:10:56 -0700

Astronomers have discovered what they say is the most Earth-like planet yet detected - a distant, rocky world that's similar in size to our own and exists in the Goldilocks zone where it's not too hot and not too cold for life.

Earth Day calendar: It's time to clean up the earth

Fri, 18 Apr 2014 12:03:11 -0700

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer as cities and community organizations take part in various Earth Day events across the East Bay.

Local Deaths-Ruben Aubert

Fri, 18 Apr 2014 10:22:20 -0700

Born to the late Ruben Aubert and Mercedes del Castillo, Ruben was the beloved spouse of Marta Aubert, father of Lianne and Karelia and grandfather of Ruben, Marcello and Isabella. He worked as a mechanical engineer for many years and most recently as a bus driver for the local paratransit agency.

Here Are All the Movies Opening Today, April 18th (and a Few From Wednesday). What Will You See?

Fri, 18 Apr 2014 10:21:17 -0700

These days, the number of indies premiering on a weekly basis can be both thrilling and intimidating. To help sift through the number of new releases (independent or otherwise), we've created the Weekly Film Guide. Below you'll find basic plot, personnel and cinema information for today's fresh offerings.  Happy viewing! Here are the films opening theatrically in the U.S. today, Friday, April ...

Vegan cuisine aims for the mainstream

Fri, 18 Apr 2014 04:18:08 -0700

More companies like Chipotle are offering animal-product-free options, and it's not just vegetarians chowing down.

Specialty B.O. Preview: ‘Fading Gigolo’, ‘The Final Member’, ‘Cesar’s Last Fast’, ‘That Demon Within’, ‘Tasting Menu ...

Thu, 17 Apr 2014 18:19:58 -0700

After making a mega-splash at the box office last year, Woody Allen gets some time in front of the camera with John Turturro ‘s comedy Fading Gigolo , which he also stars in along with Sharon Stone. Millennium Entertainment will open the title in limited release. Two docs are among this weekend’s crop of new Specialty releases, including Sundance title Cesar’s Last Fas t as well as penis ...

Element of the week: seaborgium | video | @GrrlScientist

Thu, 17 Apr 2014 14:56:44 -0700

the ongoing controversy over naming rights This week, we meet the element seaborgium, which has the atomic symbol, Sg , and the atomic number, 106 . This element was named in honour of Glenn Seaborg -- whilst he was still alive. Professor Seaborg co-synthesised several of these transuranium elements that we've been learning about recently. Only a few atoms of this element have ever been created ...

Linde Process Plants, Inc. to Highlight NGL and LNG Technologies at GPA Convention

Thu, 17 Apr 2014 05:41:12 -0700

DALLAS - Linde Process Plants, Inc. (LPP) will showcase their cryogenic natural gas liquid (NGL) recovery technology and liquefied natural gas (LNG) technologies at the Gas Processors Association (GPA) Convention April 13-16, 2014.  The GPA convention is an annual event, focused on processing of conventional and unconventional natural gas (shale gas).  This year's conference will be held at the ...

Chancellor Dirks hosts clean-energy talks with DOE, industry

Wed, 16 Apr 2014 20:14:37 -0700

UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks hosted Department of Energy Assistant Secretary David Danielson and representatives from the clean-energy industry, university and DOE research labs to focus on the future of U.S. innovation and competitiveness.

El Cerrito envisions major changes on San Pablo Avenue

Wed, 16 Apr 2014 15:47:51 -0700

City's proposal could add as many as 1,700 residential units

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